Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today's featured artist is Amy Carter

Who are you?
Amy Carter (not that one)

Where are you located?
Idaho, USA
What do you create?
Lots of things, my passion is drawing and painting, but I also enjoy polymer clay, beads, stained glass, photography and I crochet too.

Are you able to support yourself with your creations?
I hope to, one day.

Where do you sell your creations?

Where do you create?
My dining room doubles at my art studio - I have a art station that I just love...the top part is an antique Hoosier top (has the pull out flour bin) and the bottom was marked as a bar, but I am not sure.

What inspires you?

What are your goals?
Goals??? I just enjoy being creative, but would love to make a living at it.

What do you friends and family think of your creations?
That is the reason I am on etsy...every time I make something I am told 'you could sell that'.What do you do when you are not creating? I enjoy hanging out with friends, helping my husband raise our kids, traveling, junking and ghost hunting.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?You can see more of my work here:

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Thank you for allowing me to feature you, Amy.


Jessica Ziel said...

Hey, Amy Carter and I are neighbors! great feature.

Distressing Delilah said...

What a talented artist..thank you for featuring her!

Hey Harriet said...

You certainly feature some wonderful artists. Very enjoyable reads & thanks for sharing them all with us :)

CopperSpringsLeather said...

I'm happy to feature them. I actually look forward to getting my questionare back to learn more about the artist behind their work.

Anonymous said...

Another great feature! Keep up the good work! Oh and by the way, your work is amazing!