Friday, February 6, 2009

Little acts of kindsness

Support your troops
Support your troops,
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Little Acts of Kindness can go a long way to cheering up someone's day. I have permision to post about a event that recently happened to me, but asked to not names or states.

I recently was comissioned to make a leather item for a young miltary family. Before I was finished, he received orders for a tour a duty. His wife emailed me and asked if I could ship directly to him instead of their home. Of course was my responce. I then noticed the wife's signature line. She stated she was a proud miltary wife and a sahm to a young baby.

I decided I would send her a little token of appreciation of being so supportive of our miltary. I sent her a key fob just like this one. I never expected to hear back from her.

A few days after I mailed both packages I receive an angry email from the wife. She was upset that I sent the custom order to her , not her husband. I emailed back to her her husband's delivery confirmation number and told her this package was for her.

The next morning I had an email waiting for me from her. She told me she had tears in her eyes as she was writting. She never expected someone to be so kind to her. It really brightened a bad day. She was really having a hard time with the baby and missing her husband. She told me she rushed to her keys and added the fob right away.

Sometimes a little kindness goes a long way.


Mrs.Kwitty said...

What a lovely thing to do!! I too am so grateful to those families who are missing their loved ones right now as they are overseas serving our country and keeping us safe. My heart goes out to that young lady and her child, and I thank you for bringing a smile to her day!
Smiles, Karen

Lucky Girl said...

I love a good, happy story. Thanks for sharing this one, and what a lovely inspiration!

Frenzy23 said...

I'm glad you made her day! Little things are the way we get through, especially when supporting loved ones who are in the military.
That's a difficult situation and I'm inspired that you were able to help her!