Monday, April 14, 2008

Today we are featuring Stacey Reed of JS Glass Art. Her glasswork is just amazing!

Who are you?

Stacey Reed

Where are you located?

Bay Area, California
What do you create?

Glass art. Functional and decorative.
Are you able to support yourself with your creations?

No. It’s a very expensive hobby right now.

Where do you sell your creations?

Mostly word of mouth, but I do have an etsy shop
Where do you create?

I’ve turned a small portion of my garage into a glass studio. It’s small, but workable.
What inspires you?

Nature, colors, all sorts of things.
What are your goals?

I would love to have a large studio with a store front and be able to support myself with my art.
What do you friends and family think of your creations?

They all love it, but they’re my friends and family, they’re supposed to, aren’t they LOL
What do you do when you are not creating?

Read, garden, hang out in Napa Valley .


Sarah McBride said...

I have really enjoyed reading this blog. It is always so fun and interesting to learn about other artists out there. Thanks for all you do!

CopperSpringsLeather said...

thanks! I love learning about the artists behind the shop pictures.