Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ryan Greer is today's featured artist

Who are you? I'm Ryan Greer. I'm a designer and artist running a hand-printed apparel company called Flux. I studied painting and design at Pratt Art Institute and the Cooper Union.

Where are you located? I'm in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn.What do you create? I print men's and women's clothing from ties to tshirts to hoodies and dresses.

Are you able to support yourself with your creations?Yes. I've been supporting myself doing this for three years now (though sometimes just barely)

Where do you sell your creations? I sell in an outdoor market in Soho for most of the year. I also do street fairs around Manhattan and Brooklyn as well as trade shows to sell to retailers. In December sell at a holiday Market in midtown.

Online I use Etsy to sell my work.

Where do you create? I live in a carriage house in Brooklyn and everything is printed in that space.

What inspires you? I tend to be inspired by natural forms and subtle colors. I grew up in the woods and its stuck with me even though I live in New York now. I take a lot of my imagery from the parks within New York City. I'm also inspired by found textiles and patterns from other eras or cultures.

What are your goals? My main goal is to live and work creatively. I think supporting myself while doing work that I love is really a blessing. Eventually I'd like to open a shop in NYC and expand to a cut and sewn line of clothing.

What do you friends and family think of your creations? My parents have always been really supportive of me in everything from going to art school to starting my own business. My friends were at first a little skeptical about whether my business would take off but by now I'm lucky enough to have a very supportive group of friends around me.

What do you do when you are not creating? I read a lot. I read fiction, poetry, theory, and almost anything i can get my hands on. I also watch a lot of movies and try to spend some time out in nature. I think anything you can use to feed your imagination will ultimately enhance your creative process. With that in mind I try to keep myself looking for new ideas and images.