Saturday, March 1, 2008

Today's featured artist is Heather of Kinichi River Designs

Who are you?
My name is Heather, I am the owner of Kinichi River Designs.
Where are you located?
Northeastern Pennsylvania, USA
What do you create?
For my business: Sock Friends (funny little stuffed critters made from socks), Chainmaille jewelry, and Wire-wrapped jewelry. Not for my business: just about anything I can! I enjoy making paper, carving candles, cross-stitching, sewing, scrapbooking, bookbinding, making ATCs, collages... and tons more that I want to try but have not had the opportunity.
Are you able to support yourself with your creations? No, it is a part-time business. I'd like to keep it part-time, though and am not aiming to support myself this way.
Where do you sell your creations?
At the moment, my creations are only available at my Etsy shop:
Where do you create?
I have an excellent craft room in my new home... but I still usually create on the couch in front of the television. Sometimes I'll put in a movie, but quite often I like to watch episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer!
What inspires you?
This is always a tough question for me. I don't usually go into my projects with a design or outcome in mind. This is especially true of my sock friends. I start picking a few socks out, then just cut and sew and let them take shape. I never know quite how they will turn out in the end and I absolutely love that about creating them! Seeing the final moments as I create the mouth and sew on the eyes is so much fun - a new little critter in front of my eyes! I suppose it is the surprise that inspires me.
What are your goals?
I want to continue to grow my business and share my creations with others. I would like my business to be a viable part-time income, but for now, I don't think I would like this to become my full-time job.
What do you friends and family think of your creations?
They are endlessly supportive and very excited for me! My husband, especially, has been an amazing source of encouragement and support. He even writes the bios for my sock friends! He's got such a talent with words and really brings those critters to life!
What do you do when you are not creating?
I spend time with my husband when I can. I love to read, do jigsaw puzzles. I have a bit of an obsession with playing Tetris right now. I'm also learning how to ventilate wigs (hand-tied), which has been a fun challenge.
Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
You can also see more pics on my flickr:
Thanks so much for this opportunity!
Thank you for allowing me to feature you.


Kinichi River Designs said...

Thanks so much for featuring me! I've been enjoying reading your other interviews, as well. I love the little behind the scenes look at other artists!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

great blog...beautiful work and features...also wonderful represntation of other etsy artistians...found you on the etsy thread about blogging....continued success!!!

capitolagirl said...

Great feature article and blog!

CopperSpringsLeather said...

Thank you!